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Longarm Quilting

I love nothing more than handing over a beautifully quilted , trimmed and folded quilt ready to be binded. I take a lot pride in my work and  work efficiently to get your quilt back to you in a timely manner.

Affordable edge to edge  Longarm quilting, using my Handi Quilter 18 Avante and my Handi Quilter 24 Forte Machines Both with the precision of the computerised Pro Stitcher.

The 12 foot and 8 foot frames can accommodate the smallest to the largest project.

And with Two Machines your quilt will be quilted in know time.

Prices start from $3.50 per square foot, with NO HIDDEN extra costs like, set up fees, trimming fees or bobbin surcharge.

Postal orders are most welcome with Free return shipping when Backing or Wadding is supplied.

Prepare Your Quilt To Get Quilted

Preparing your quilt top is simple and will help make sure you get the best possible results, when it is returned to you all quilted, and one step closer to being finished.


Make sure the top is square

This is the most important aspect of your quilt top in regards to quilting.  When your top is square it will ensure that the quilting is square, if your quilt top and Backing are not square it won’t be loaded square onto the quilting frame.

Borders should lay flat. Wavy borders result from having excess fabric in the border. Excess fabric will cause the outside of the quilt not to lay flat and may result in puckers. I can only do so much with wavy borders and parachute blocks….


Press the top so it lays flat

The flatter your seams are and the crisper your top is, the straighter and easier it will be to quilt.

Clip loose threads from the back of the quilt top. This is especially important if white fabric is part of your quilt. Threads can show through the quilt top, if left inside. Unruly threads can also get caught up in the quilting machine.

Check all seams for gaps and loose stitching. Nothing worse than the machine getting caught in a gap in the seam .



Square your quilt backing fabric. Squaring the backing fabric (especially the TOP & BOTTOM EDGES) is necessary for the longarm quilting process.

Backing fabric needs to be at least 8-12 inches WIDER and LONGER than the quilt top. This means having 4-6 inches all the way around the quilt top. NB: This is my preferred amount but it can be more than this just no less than 3 inches.



We have batting available for purchase in the shop when you come in to quilt.

If you are supplying the batting, it should be 6-8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top (that’s 3-4 inches all the way around).

We use Matildas own waddings in our quilts, however you are welcome to provide your own.

Both are priced at $26 Per Meter.

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